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Day 14

Tomorrow is two weeks. I'm still very optimistic. My face has two really nasty zits that have come up but they have already calmed down and almost completely healed. I do have a nasty little rash that has developed on my neck and chest. Looks a bit like a raised sunburn. I've skipped a day of the Solodyn and haven't put the Differin or the Duac on my chest and neck for the last two days. The rash has gotten a lot better. My back is doing so much better it's crazy! My skin is a bit dry but I haven't noticed more than five new 'breakouts'. My scars has faded just a little bit and my skin is a lot less red. The dry skin on my face was pretty bad in the beginning but it has gotten a lot better. The moisturizer I've been using has helped that immensely. I'm really pleased with my face. It feels smooth! My pores seem to be clearing out and the blackheads seem to be going away slowly but surely. I actually caught myself petting my cheek and thinking 'wow, is this really my skin? It's so smooth!" Still have to call my Derm. about the rash thing though.

Fifa Las Vegas

Fifa Las Vegas



Day number 6

Okay so, it's 6 days into my new treatment. I haven't been on any perscriptions for my acne/bacne for about ten years so I'm pretty excited. The new treatment is as follows: Saw my Dermatologist on Tuesday and I've started Solodyn (115mg) once a day, Differin gel (0.3%) in the mornings and Duac (clindamycyn 1%, benzoyl peroxide 5%) in the evenings. I use Cetaphil face wash and I don't remember the name of the moisterizer at the moment. I use the Differin and the Duac on my face, back, and chest. So far, so good. I've noticed that my back and chest have gotten better so far. The red marks seem to be fading and while I'm still breaking out right now, the process seems to be a bit accelerated. The breakouts don't last as long. My face is getting better as well but, It's been burning, superdry and red. It's pretty painful but I'm really willing to deal with it and am expecting this to get better as my skin gets used to it. My back is my main concern though. I'm getting married next May and I have a beautiful dress and I want people to see my dress and not my back. I think it's a bit of a challenge as well being I have very bad scaring as well. I got chicken pox really bad when I was 16 and I've had really bad cystic acne on my back since about 15. I'm really optimistic about the whole process and can't wait to see the results.

Fifa Las Vegas

Fifa Las Vegas