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Well here go's day one on erythromycin,finally persuaded my gp to prescribe something other than lymecycline,which i have taken on and off for years with varying degrees of success.I think most gps are dimissive of acne and despite being in my 30s and suffered since my teens have been given little help.I've tried every over the counter treatments and must have spent thousands of pounds over the years,and think its fantastic this site exists to give people a platform to discuss and rate products because after all only people who suffer know what works and what does not.So im hoping by writing this blog and keeping a strict regime will finally help me eradicate the acne once and for all and regain some confidence!!I will be taking 2 x 250mg erythromycin a day morning and night combined with simple soap and water washing,panoxyl 2.5 aquagel and a light moisturiser to keep the oil under control...at the moment i have several cyst like painful lumps and my skin is excessively greasy,will try and post some pics and hopefully see some improvement over the coming week s