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a new regime for sensitve skin

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new regime for sensitive skin

Hello, I have always suffered from spots and acne, but recently I found something that really works for me: 1. Wash your face ( I use clean & clear) 2. cleanse with clean& clear + Tea tree oil ( put cleanser on a cotton pad and add 7 or 8 drops or tea tree oil). If you have any new spots forming hold the pad onto the area for a min. 3. wait a few min's allowing the cleanser and oil to dry. 4. now moisturize using an oil free cream, add a small amount to the palm of your hand, then add the same amount of aloe Vera and 3 drops of jojoba oil. Mix this together in your palm and then rub well over face 5. allow this to dry 6. use Clearasil ultra rapid action treatment cream on spots and old marks 7 wait 10-15 mins and re-aply spot cream 8. re aply spot cream throughout the day, at least 3 more times. do this every morning and night and you will see a massive result. I tried the products on this site, and although it works for many, my skin was too sensitive and I ended up with scabs which have scarred me slightly. (I didn't over use the paroxide) also try: after washing your face, get a small hand towel run it under hot water and hold to face do this a few times until the towel cools and repeat until face is hot and slightly red. then immidiately splash cold water in your face. always dry your face with tissue paper once finished then you can start the process mentioned above. I really hope this helps somebody out there, I know how depressing acne can be, so to feel confident after such a long time is quite amazing. Good luck x