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In-Between Post---MAKEUP

OKAY. Coming from someone with acne, this might sound a little weird. But I want to be a Cosmetologist. Seriously. No joke. I have been wearing makeup for 5 years now (I'm 16) and I also want to write, on the side. I have a preference when it comes to my foundation, when I try a new brand, I get hesitant & excited. I positively SQUEAL at the sight of deeply pigmented eyeshadows. My fave colour is deep blue, paired with brown eyes = gorgey! I recently read a book called Pro Mak


OMFG My SKIN LOOKS SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN IT HAS IN AGES, SOON I SHALL GO ONE DAY SANS MAKEUP...not yet though. Sorry I was really excited. So, the paper bag is off and I will try to get some new pics up very soon, my camera needs to charge though. Even my body is clearing up. Right now I am using: Spectro Jel Blemish Prone Skin Cleanser (lightly scented---smells like candy!!!!!!!) Oxy Deep Pore Daily Facial Cleanser Liquid St. Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish & Blakhead Control


I am on my way! My skin is clearing up quite nicely and after a minor blunder with a horrible outcome, though less acne to deal with resulting I am finally a little more comfortable in my own skin. I know that things won't improve too much since it is now summer, whick means more sticky, sweaty nastyness, and a cottage with water so hard you can cup it in your hands and it won't drip (I kid you not!). I am going to need to be extra careful from now on. I know it has been ages since I upd

The Entrance

I am at the 5th day and I gave in. Yes, I admit, I picked. I'm so ashamed, I planned on not wearing any makeup today, but my face is still red ffrom picking that I had to... I'm so sad!! Tomorrow will be better. Much better. Sorry this is so short, i'm at school and there really isn't much time left before the end of the day.

Still in the Que

This is my second day on my own regiment, and I gotta say, I'm already getting results. I used the usual; Spectro, Baking Soda, Glycerin & Rosewater. But I also tried something different when I washed my face after school. A mixture of Honey, Witch Hazel & Pure Tea Tree Oil. I mixed this up myself, so there are NO holdbacks on the strength. It burned like flames but it was very moisturizing in the longrun and helped bring the dry skin to show so that I could gently scrub it off. I

The Que

I have used my B.S Mask for the first time yesterday, it worked like magic on my skin, a little drying, and the burning was actually quite alright, I have experienced worse! I applaud whoever had the idea of putting this stuff on your face. However, letting a little in your mouth is NOT reccomended! NASTY! I actually used it in a bath as salts last night and I felt fantastic! I fell asleep quickly, and I woke up with a ton of energy, I have no idea if that's another benefit or not
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