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Post-Gibson & Beyond

If someone were to inquire as whether or not I've attempted the 3-day apple fast, I would swiftly give them this answer : "HA! No! What kind of stupid, stupid idiot would do that? Shits crazy." ... For 3 days my life revolved around apples and POOH. On the plus side, I lost 2.5 kilos. But if stupidity was measured this particular endeavor would need to be done via richterscale. It is by far one of the most bat-shit crazy get acne-free method out there. Which is of course why I tried it





Skinspastic Beginnings.

Ahoi fellow hopefuls! I have decided to start a most glorious and some-what humiliating blog about my great and most probably rather unsuccessful endeavors for beauteous skin! It all began with puberty... No, I suposse we all know how that story goes. Well anyway, my mild case of acne decided to stay consistently so (oh how so very noble) until I commenced my schooling years. Upon 2010, approx. 5 years of pent up, pissed off acne felt the need to unleash its almighty wrath upon my unsu




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