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Post-Gibson & Beyond

If someone were to inquire as whether or not I've attempted the 3-day apple fast, I would swiftly give them this answer : "HA! No! What kind of stupid, stupid idiot would do that? Shits crazy." ... For 3 days my life revolved around apples and POOH. On the plus side, I lost 2.5 kilos. But if stupidity was measured this particular endeavor would need to be done via richterscale. It is by far one of the most bat-shit crazy get acne-free method out there. Which is of course why I tried it. However, all I ended up with was another breakout, an empty belly and livid hate of anything apple. So now I'm back on the Proactiv. Yes after a brief stint back in early highschool it left me with big rashes on my upper-lip. It was so bad I had to take a week off school and go to the doctor. Thus, I vowed never again to endure my Proactiv incurred "rash-mustachio"! But I don't know, skin changes I guess and as soon as I put Proactiv on my face everything has started to look a little better ! Having said that, I still hold a little grudge. So I've ordered my "Regime" pack. I look forward to utilizing it! Things are looking up.





Skinspastic Beginnings.

Ahoi fellow hopefuls! I have decided to start a most glorious and some-what humiliating blog about my great and most probably rather unsuccessful endeavors for beauteous skin! It all began with puberty... No, I suposse we all know how that story goes. Well anyway, my mild case of acne decided to stay consistently so (oh how so very noble) until I commenced my schooling years. Upon 2010, approx. 5 years of pent up, pissed off acne felt the need to unleash its almighty wrath upon my unsuspecting persons. Alas. Now, I am on a quest! The same quest as you my friend - To obliterate this pitiless mother-fucker all the way back to the depths of Mordor from whence it came! These are the methods I have engaged thus far - From 2005-08, regular professional facials (excruciating stuff) with Pelactiv + regular use of Pelactiv cleanser, exfoliator and various moisturisers. Along with this and that peels/masks ect. This to immense avail! I suposse I got in early, prevention is better than cure as they say! 2009, Oh pooh. I lost my Pelactiv and much to embarrassed to ask my cheap Asian mother for another supply, I chose to suffer in silence. Baaad idea. But still I got back on the stuff eventually and was fine. Then something disastrous occurred, my skin was going haywire dammit! So I began my fruitless and costly journey with .. Gernetics. 2010, DAMN YOU GERNETICS! I believe I now have what is referred to as "Cystic" acne. Gernetics is not completely at fault here, but still, to put it bluntly - it sucked balls. After finally getting the gall to admit to myself I had spent a good $250 + on complete bullocks, I went back on Pelactiv with minimal to some success. Although I remain Cystic and spotty nonetheless. And so, I began to research. Currently undertaking: Chris Gibson's 3 day apple fast. Which at first seemed undeniably appealing, I mean what did I have to lose really? Except an over decorated face and a few pounds, then I read this: "At the end of each day you MUST perform an enma... This is IMPERATIVE" Oh surely, I am not that desperate.. Day 3 of the Chris Gibson 3 day apple fast, I know not how I am faring. So far, my face feels softer, a little improvement on my acne, I think. The steaming is a little bothersome as every 3 minutes (of the 20 required) I have to reheat the damn face cloth and slathering my face in castor oil is not exactly the most pleasant of rituals I've ever adopted. As for the .. other thing. I don't want to talk about it. EVER. As a last thought, So. Many. Apples. I hate apples. (Anyone interested, in case it is a load of bullocks-like many of the people here say- and you are still undeterred, being ever the optimist, like myself. Here be the free download: thepiratebay.org/torrent/4182024/Acne_Free_in_3_Days_How_I_Cured_My_Acne_Condition_in_3_Days_eBoo)