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time to get clear? i think so

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First Entry! woahhhh dudeee

Hey there! first entry! yea buddy its the 18 and its time to get serious! So heres the deal, i have dealed witht this crap for the past 3 years and i.am.done lets go back shall we? i started breaking out in 7th grade, hormones or what not im not sure but anyways i did what i knew i schouldnt have i picked and picked and picked and it left me with horrible scars, or at least horrible to me. i have treid so many differnt products but i have also notcied so many things that lead me to breakout -touching my face. -eating chocolate, chips, soda, and fired things or too spicy things -sweating. -and a lot more that i can think of now some products i have tried -clarisl -avenno -nutergena -clinque -oxy -st ives -and daves agian a lot more i jsut cant think of them all SOOO heres the daily routine wash with avenno gentel cleanser clean with Dans BP and then musiturize with whatevers at hand Well i mainly started this blog beacuse i was not getting reasluts i would mess up and not wash my face or eat something i wasnt suposed to whatnot so i really wanted to get in check What my routine will now consist of wash- soon using maxclarity but right not aveeno. clean-bp but soon maxclarity mosturize and then sunscreeen!!!!! no wrinkles for me! i used to use heavy consleraler/foundation but now im using physicans forumla powder and agian sunscreen! i will try and post pics of my story, also i am on birth contorl so mabey that helps too! but for now i will be changing my pillow case every night and trying not to walk past mirrios as that causes me to pick no freide bad trans fat food or any of that mess and a LOT of water! peaceeeeeeeeee babees