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"accutane".... Oratane my journey

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1 month on accutane

well 1 month into my treatment, my breakouts are starting to clear up, my lips are still dry, i have a dry nose aswell. on my nose it's peeling, blackheads have started to clear up, still some on my nose, skin is feeling smooth, bumps are starting to clear. dandruff on scalp. fingernails, growing fast and quite hard, not brittle, hair falling out and still have headaches. see you in week 5.





3 weeks on isotretinoin 20gm

wow so it's 3 weeks now it's taking soooo long i want clear skin soooo bad and want it to happen quickly!!! so my face has quite a few pimples on it, mainly around my chin and cheek bones round my jaw, but they are not even like normal pimples they are bumpy and if you squeze them it's like clear fluid that comes out, they are more like blisters, very painful. my lips are cracked and my eyeballs feel dry, i get headaches and have dry nosetrills. to wash my face i'm using Cetaphil clenser and Cetaphil moisturiser and of course lip balm lots and lots. sunlock as well i really dont want to leave my house because that would mean i would have to wear make-up, i'm so glad it's winter! i can hibinate and no-one will notice to much..............lol. really loving my pj's at the moment!!!!!!!!!!! see you in week 4