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starting things off, need all the help I can get!

Hello to anyone out there who might be reading this! I am 23 years old, and experiencing a whole new type of acne. Before, I would get a zit here or there, nothing crazy, and never a whole chin-full. NOW, my chin looks awful and I can't make it go away. I have been trying dermalogica for the last 4 months, and haven't really seen much of a result. I recently started on Ortho Tricyclen BCP too. I just started my second month of that, and so far haven't really seen any improvement... if anything it's worse. I think I've gained a bit too, maybe 4 pounds, and my boobs are huge! I have never EVER had big painful cystic acne along with dozens of little zits that seem to be pretty deep under the skin(what are these????), and so consistently! I have my first ever appointment with a dermatologist on Wed. I am combo. excited/nervous. I really just want this to go away. I'm an active girl that doesn't want to wear a ton of makeup, and I really feel like I HAVE too, or I look like a giant walking pustule.. eww. If anyone out there reading this has any advice, I would REALLY appreciate it. Specific questions: -Good concealer to use? I'm kinda new to face makeup, not sure what works best. -Any experience with Ortho TriCyclen Lo? wondering if this is an "initial breakout", is is gonna get better??? -Can I pop these deep painful jerk zits? Or do anythig to help them at all? Feels good to talk about this!