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As the title suggests, a progress report on my accutane treatment

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The beginning is in sight

So i had my last wax of the year 2 days ago (day 4 of accutane). Everything was fine but underarms a bit red - but that could just be the salon lady waxing the same spot repeatedly. Anyhow, i've been using dermol on the waxed bits just to be safe. Dermol is an emollient and the best thing is you can use it as a soap substitute as well. Since yesterday i'm noticing some dry areas coming on my face but they aren't bad at all at the moment. Also noticed a bit of tired muscles without any activity. Did a lot of sports today though and didn't feel any abnormal tiredness. That's all at the moment.





Day 2 An introduction

Hi, I'm 26 yrs old and have had acne for as long as i can remember. It's always been bad on my back and arms with none on my face. About 5 years ago i started taking medicine (tetracycline, monocycline) for acne and though there was improvement while i took the medicine, as soon as i stopped it became worse. In the last 3 years, i've started getting acne on my face too - predominently my jaw line. I also took spironolactone for a bit when i got a laser treatment to remove acne scars (i got really fed up of it all then). The laser did work and my scars on the face went completely and the ones on the back which were really bad got better. But the active acne hasn't stopped. It is much better on my back than years ago but worse on my face as i never used to have it there. Over the years, my arms are much much better with just the occasional flare ups. Today is day 3 of my accutane treatment and i hope it clears up forever but lets see. I'm currently on 60mg which i'm taking before i go to bed. No side effects at the moment but i guess they will kick in soon. Currently using my normal makeup, cleaners, shower gel, face wash and due to my bad routine, not moisturising my body - just my face with olay for senstiive skin. I'm sure i'll get dry skin as i'm already prone to it (and yet i get acne). Anyhow, I'll keep you posted with my progress