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Just my trip on Accutane.

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Accutane, Day 5.

Today is day five on Accutane and so far I have not had too many side effects start. I have started experiencing some dryness around my cuticles and on my lips but nothing major so far. My eyes were really scratchy last night but I used some rewetting drops and that helped though it didn't relieve it all the way. Today seems fine though. No major breakouts so far and hoping that it stays that way. I'll update again in a few days.





Accutane, Day 1.

Today I started Accutane. I'm currently prescribed 30mg once a day. I think that's because my breakouts aren't horrible but I am 30 and getting to be a bit too old for all of this. I currently have a few pimples down around my chin but so far, nothing major. I'm not going to lie. I'm praying for a miracle. I'm scared to death of the "breakout" but I'm hoping if it comes, it leaves just as quickly as it shows up. I have a headache right now but that isn't too uncommon. I'm going to try to take some Tylenol here in a few minutes to see if that helps. I'll update again in a few days.