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Never had acne before.. just the few monthly pimples at the age of 13-16. At 19, duno how or why, I got acne. Nothing too severe, it just never looked good. little red spots that were neither pimples nor blackheads..just spots. Looked like a rash of some sort.(on cheeks) Then pimles started to apeear on my forehead and chin.. not attractive, I tell you. 6 months later, i was still putting a bit of powder in the morning to cover the red spots.. using random cleansers .. A month ago, I woke up, and didn't want to go to university cuz my face looked horrible. No amount of powder or foundation was gona work, and i decided to do something about it. ASAP. Took an appointment, and my doctor prescribed Steivamycin. I was excited, but wasn't expecting much. It burns like a b**** when first applied! face is super dry and peels.. doesnt look too good. Need to moisturize! I broke out last week, (my second to 3rd) week on Stievamycin. Today is the end of my 3rd week, and the reson I joined acne.org is to share that: i see great results!!! Pimples dried up n disappeared somehow... redness is almost completely gone! Im so excitedd! Now I'm not sure if i'll have to be on the medication forever or if i stop when the acne is all cleared. I have my second appointment on the 28th! Hope my acne condition does not deteriorate as I am very happy with the results so far!! Will keep you posted in the next couple of days!