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starting a new regiem

Hi everyone, My name is Mary, I am 32yrs old and have 3 kids. All my life I had Acne, horrible cystic acne. As I got older my acne started to get a little better (not so big, not so painfull) I called it having "normal" acne. I tried everything, Accutane (did absolutley nothing) Diane 35 birth control, nothing again. I tried topical stuff my doctors would perscribe and since I already have de-hydrated and sensitve skin they would just make it worse, and it would burn whenever I tried something new. I am so sick of all of this. A few months ago I started breaking out with my "old" acne, big cystic bombs. So I decided to try a dermatologist again, thinking maybe in the years since my last visit they have some new stuff. No luck, she told me that I have hormonal acne and that the only cure is the accutane and diane 35.....ummmm no thanks. I want to have one more child and don't want that poison in my system. So I took the hormonal acne insight and figured maybe if I do something about the hormons I can fix the acne, I spoke to a few people that are knowledgeable in Natural Medicine. Including a friend in England that studied skin disorders and natural medicine in university. And of course I also spoke with my local pharmacy make up lady (lol). She helped me find the right washes and moisturizer for my extremly sensitve and de-hydrated skin (I know the simple way to cure that is drink more water...I assure you I drink alot of water and am trying to get even more in now) So this is my regiem, I have been doing it for a week now and so far it already seems to be working...slowly but working. - Bioderma Sebium Make-up remover as a face clenser both at night and in the morning - Bioderma Sebium AI cream every morning (this is an anti inflamatory moisturiser) - Witch Hazel everynight after I clean my face to dry out the acne...I also use polysporin sometimes after the witch hazel dries - Evening Primrose Oil Pills. This is supposed to regulate my hormons (1 pill 3x daily) - Saw Pallmeto Pills. (1 pill 2x daily) - Zinc pills (my friend in england said that I may be low in zinc and that might be why I broke out so badly recently) (2pills 1xdaily) so there it is.....I will try to keep this updated once a week at least to keep anyone reading it updated. wish me luck Mary