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My Story

About a year ago I had a large pimple on the side of my nose. Of course, I picked it and it turned into a scab..and I picked that too. Yes, I know I shouldn't have...but now it's too late. This scab left a dent, as if the first layer of my skin (epidermis?) was off. When i would go out in the sun, this scar would turn even more red...even if i put sunscreen on it. I'm mostly upset about how you can still see the dent in my skin...i want it to raise up. Things i have had done/or used: 1) mederma-other scar serums 2) skin lightners 3) neosporn 4) used olay microdermabrasion(at home kit) 5) i have had subcision performed-it helped a little but the dent is still noticeable 6) the v-beam laser- got rid of a tiny bit of redness but not too much since it's been over a year! 7) Wrinkle serums hoping the restalyne or other ingredients would "fill" the dent...they didn't I know that my last resorts are either getting a filler, or skin graft or i guess i could get microdermabrasion...but i'm worried about damaging my scar and making it worse leaving it more red... Does anyone have this same problem or something similar? Any suggestions on how to raise the scar up?