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Bentonite Clay?

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Bentonite Clay? WTF? Help needed.

I am just wondering about this Bentonite Clay thing I seem to be hearing a lot about - has anyone tried it - does it work!? My acne has gone into overdrive recently and I have heard that this could be a solution? First let me start by saying I am a man. I know - I know; modern men wear pink, cry at movies and talk about feelings and stuff, but I am not that highly evolved. I want to try this mask thing out but live in fear of being caught by my mates - girls underwear I can explain, but face masks!!? Plus there is the whole thing of which mask? How do you mix it - I struggle making soup - this is another daunting problem. I've also read that people eat this Bentonite Clay and it helps them to poo the toxins out - - how gross does that sound - - this appeals to me more because eating gross stuff is more Manly, however, I am faced with the same problem of HOW you go about it - do you just stuff it in your mouth or is there a speacial technique? Lastly there is the problem of WHERE do I buy this stuff - I don't know clay from gravel and knowing my luck I'd order from a less than reputable vendor and get caught spreading manure accross my face - which would be even harder to explain! Any help would be appreciated Chuck




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