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3rd day

Im completely getting rid of anything with peanut butter, dairy, and soy for the next...however long it takes for me to heal!! im really hopeful about this I know soy was the main culprit to my sudden breakouts ALL OVER my chin, jaw line, and cheeks, where i NEVER used to get acne..so here i go. the journey begins, and my whole life pretty much changes. soolong peanut butter!! and soy lattes! oddly enough the sound of my two favorite things now just leave a sick taste in my mouth. they made my face a total volcano looking landmark! morning: wash with Dans cleanser. circular motion wash with Derms Clean Start wash. circular motion, leave on for couple min. wait 10 min apply Derms Clean Start matte moisturizer make up: Exuviance skin caring foundation as a concealer Bareminderals foundation mineral veil Diet: breakfast: rye bread, almond butter, bananas, couple sips of coffee Lunch: org. rice cakes, almond butter, grapes, power energizer vitamins-amoxicillin, vitamin D, Omega 3, Krill, Zinc, Clear skin chewable tablet, healthy hair skin and nails vitamin Updates: have 3 cysts on my chin..they covered pretty good though with the make up. scars seem to be doing much better. one zit on my left cheek..hopefully it stays at bay. so far so good. not as painful.