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Before use of Accutane

I am to start using Accutane on 4/5/10. Of course I'm in the waiting process. I went and took my iPledge blood tests today and they will fax the results to my dermatologist. I am an 18 year old male, that plays sports and is very active outside and that has had acne for 2 years now. I started with the clearest skin ever until age 16, then every now and then i would get maybe 1 pimple and 1 little nodule. It has continuously gotten worse over the few years and I now got 5 nodules on left side and 2 on the right side along with a cyst that is almost gone. No acne ever really comes on my forehead or chin but lately I have gotten a few. I have taken, in order, these acne products: Neutrogena over-the-counter (3 months), Acnomel (from mexico-1 month), then I got on Duac Topical Gel for 2 months with good results to start and it seems to have controled the acne to an extent. After 2 months of it i got a few BIG nodules and then received doxycycline (Didn't help any that i had noticed). AFter i continued with duac for a month, then after a month i received minocycline. IT was working fantastic alongside of duac, but then i received the hives due to being allergic to the minocycline. I quit that, then received Erythromyclin (3 weeks after that is where im at now and have not been more broke out than ever.) I went to the dermatologist yesterday 4/1/10 and have been prescribed 40 mg/day accutane. I have quit using the meds but I'm still using Duac at nights until the start of accutane. I know my face and lips will be FOR SURE dry so i stocked up on Carmex and lotion. I've been drinking no sodas and mainly water for last three months, i eat pretty healthy overall as well. Don't let the so called "attributors" to acne make u change ur lifestyle to prevent worse acne cause it hasn't prevented mine.




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