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my first entry

I've never written a blog before, i'm actually a pretty bad writer (in my opinion) ..oh well I'm 16 years old and i've been living with acne since i was in 7th grade (i'm a junior now so that's like 5 years of pimples). I always had mild acne, it was just always there.. i don't really remember a time when my face was 100% clear, my worst breakouts happened the week i'd get my period (that's how i knew it was coming) but for the past three years my acne has gotten tremendously worse. I'm sure its due to hormone changes and all the other lovely side effects of being a teenager, but what really bothers me is that i've tried everything under the sun to try to clear my skin and very few treatments have actually worked. I've seen three dermatologists while i've been in highschool and they all prescribed me different things.. here's a list of things i've used: proactiv retina micro tetracycline erythromycin tazorac cream epiduo gel duac gel tretinoin gel&cream benzaclin clenia emoillient cream plexion mask clindamycin bactrim doryx there's more but those are just the ones off the top of my head. I just can't take it anymore, i hate having to wear layers of makeup to cover up my skin.. it makes me feel hideous. When my skin is bad i have no confidence, i don't wanna leave my room i just wanna sleep until it goes away.. it ruins my mood completely, i'm not myself and i can't stand it. It's to the point where it puts my relationships with friends,family,and my boyfriend in jeopardy because of the way it makes me act and feel. And the worst part is, nobody understands how i feel. every single one of my friends has perfect skin, and when (god forbid) they do get a pimple, they act like it's the end of the world; it drives me insane. I joined this site because i'm looking to find at least one person who can relate to what i'm going through,and maybe even give me some helpful pointers on what to do and what not to do,that'd be awesome.. because at this point i'm honestly hopeless.




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