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A massive sorry

Hi Friends Those who have been in contact with me through my email, I thank you for all the inputs I have received, which has been a great help in my research.As for the others I am sorry for my absence, but research on Acne has been a key priority in my life and has taken up all my energy and hours. I hope that all those I have spoken to are starting to see clear improvement and I must state-I know how Acne can destroy your life but the future is clear Mark Pizey

Cysts-Dont we just hate them

Hi In my teenage years i developed a cyst on my face which was not allowed to be taken of for 6 years so I understand your frustrations. The Cyst was a constant battle between me and it. Every morning a look in the mirror questioned and shaped how i was going act for the rest of the day. A lack of confidence can lead to a lack in person, and a cyst, acne, and scar can all do this. I remember walking around and seeing people stare like the sun had just exploded in their face, it knocks you down and made me feel like a different person. The confidant Mark who was once known was slowly dripping away from existence. Its the strength we have all got inside of us to get up, put our clothes on and walk out of the door what must be used in situations like this. Getting on my own back about this cyst, was my choice and the buck stops with me, for with-holding myself from what life has to offer not the cyst. Anyway lets move onto some theory of options for people who have cysts. First of all Cysts, can in a small percentage of people sort them selves out on their own, though this is very rare. Squeezing a cyst can lead to a massive discharge, though this is not advisable, and will only cause more cysts to develop. Also this can lead to infection, and I have seen many cases where people’s faces have swollen up due to popping a cyst. One person whole side of his face was swollen with in minutes of popping the cyst. For the record the cyst did become smaller for a short while, but then grow back to a larger size in this case. Many people I have researched, and spoken too have popped it on their own with a clean needle. The chances are that the removal of a cyst will leave a scar. But doing a doggy ‘DIY I’m not trained€™ job’ on it will increase the size of the scar potentially massively than allowing a professional to carry out the job. Also on average these were prone to infection. I’m not saying people haven't done a very good job of this but its tricky, and the whole sac of the cyst has to be fully removed otherwise the cyst will fill back up and return. I have spoken to people who have used tea tree oil to try drying up the area and bringing the fluid to the surface. Some people who I spoken to have sworn by the effectiveness of this. Tea tree oil is amazing oil, though I have not read any supportive ‘medical’ material and evidence on this working on cysts, so therefore try tea tree oil at your own risk and can not suggest this to anyone Finally I conclude the boring obvious conclusion is to see a dermatologist, who will remove the Cyst. Also if it leaves a scar you can also push for them to refine the scar a few months later Cysts we hate them but let’s not let them take over your life that’s just adding insult to pain Mark Pizey

One more day one more blog.Thanks to those people who emailed me with thanks,its a pleasure too know my work is helping

Hi On my research into Acne i have found out from past suffers of acne, and even from my own experience that many people will carry on suffering after Acne. So don’t feel as if you’re a one off if you do feel feeling of depression. The world is full of people feeling these feelings and its important to keep focus on what is important in life happiness. One tip which can help with a feeling of worthless or depression, is a routine of exercise as this stimulates endorphins, which is substance the body releases to produce a state of being happy.See the body doesn’t just want to being us down raining spots on us it can do some good! Spots have knocked many of us all the way down to rock bottom, it takes time to build anything (Temples took a king’s lifetime), and confidence is no difference. Many us when we are alone will knock are selves down and on research this happens most before sleep. I will show a exercise next paragragh which can try to help with this. Give this exercise a full go, believing it will work if you want it to make a change. Find a quite place with no distractions on your own. Turn on some relaxing music, Go over the top on this Mozart, whale music what ever puts you in a relaxed state. 1) While this is playing think a time that a situation has been effected by your spots or confidence...2) Now think of the same situation, and change the circumstances, give the characters funny cartoon faces. Even make their voices high. Now change the situation to the event you wanted to happen, and throw in some funny one liners…..3) Now go back to the first situation and think of the feelings that were created. While doing this touch one of your wrists, and go straight back into the second made up event, which should come with a feeling of laughter and playfulness. Every time you feel bad or nervous touch your wrist and remember this event for a second. This shows that you can see life how you want to see it, and looking through playful goggles may help. Carry out exercise as much as it helps This has helped some of the people that I have spoken to. So feel free to give it a go and let me know if it works. Let me know how it goes Mark Pizey-Spots are serious but can become just a stage in your life. I will carry on my fight

Introdutction to Mark Pizey

Hi Guys I am a young adult that has spent years of my life in fact spent the whole of my teenage life being weighed down by the pressures of Acne. I have used every medication known by man and even developed Cysts one of which grow to the size of a tennis ball (Disgusting trust me i know it was). I have so many stories about Acne and my experience has led me and my life to become taken over by my energy to study of Acne, spending days, years and sleepless nights researching experiments and theories and cures on the matter. It is my life goal to prevent youngsters going through what I went through. Please free to ask me as many questions, as you like on the matter. As helping you will make my ambition come true Thank You Mark Join my blog for plenty of free advice facts and stories coming soon