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Okay. So, I've been dealing with acne for the past 11 years. I've been on pretty much every over-the-counter system and medication as well as prescription topicals and antibiotics - Accutane being the only treatment I haven't danced with yet. Like everyone else, having consistant breakouts has had a definite impact on my self-esteem, and being a subject for constant criticism from random people (ie hairdressers, my previous gynocologist) who do not consider the effort I have put into my skin and tell me that I need to wash my face more often and stop eating candy is absolutely killing me. I realize the stigma of having this: you're dirty, young, careless, etc, and it is insane. Furthermore, the past year, I've developed a few acne scars and noticed that some of the red marks from previous breakouts are taking longer to fade (if they ever do) and this is again making me depressed. It's just a double whammy of looking disgustingly broken-out and prematurely aging via acne scars. And it's expensive - trying new facial cleansers that cost $90, concealer that is made to cover tattoos for God's sake that costs $35... I only wish that this was not a part of my life anymore. So - at this point, I've made it my mission: the [insert plural obscenity here] have to go. I have an appointment with a dermo on 3/31, we'll see how it goes.




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