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Well today i shall be writing about the Leaf & Rusher Acne Collection. For $89 Starter Kit Comes with - Acne Foaming Cleanser - Acne Serum Gel tx - Acne Spot Treatment & a special bonus Rapid Resurface Exfoliator Well i started by using Obagi Clenziderm M.D 3 step system [Normail to Oily]. It was recommended to me by a cosmetic dermatologist. When i went in the 3 step system my face was horrible. i had cystic acne all over my face. She recommended to use it twice a day but since I had school i decided to use it only at night. I can say it worked miracles. I used it for about 2 years. But the process for it to work wasnt so pleasant. My skin chapped and had blotches of uneven skintone, But it turns out that was the dead skin cells it was exfoliating slowly. The reason why i decided to stop using it was because i started breaking out again. I usually call Skincarerx to make orders of my products. The people who work there are all lincensed estheticians. So when i called the lady happen to ask me how the product was doing for me since in their computer the information of my prior orders get stored. I told her that well its a product thats helped alot and well it seemed like i was starting to break out again. She suggested that id switch products since the body gets immune to it, theres times situations like that tend to accur. She suggested that i'd try LEAF & RUSHER ACNE COLLECTION . It took me a while to decide.. so i told her i called her back. I can say i called like about 5 times and asked 5 different estheticians whom work there, that what they thought about the Leaf & Rusher collection. They all said it was a wonderful product. That its the customers favorite. One of them even said they were currently on use of that product that its wonderful. They told me how to use it . to cleanse the face with step 1 then immediately put 2 and 3 afterwards, and to us the exfoliator once a week where theres no existing acne . So i decided to order it.. When i used it i Had a purge. My acne got worse i broke out more and got nodules on the side of my face. i THINK it had alot to do with instant changing on products also using the exfoliator on existing acne, it seemed to irritate my skin.. I called back saying that i broke out more, & the lady suggested that i'd use it for the whole 4 weeks before i make a judgement. SHE SAID sometimes when you switch products you can have a purge, she said it was existing acne that was hiding in the bottom layer, that was waiting to burst out. She also said, to look at it as a good thing that once it cleared that existing acne would fade and not burst out ever again. ive been using it for about 3 weeks now and slowly i am seeing a difference , im also consuming the MURAD SKIN CLARIFYING SUPPLEMENTS To go along with my daily regimen. Im being patient to see if it clears up completely like they say. But as of now i do see the nodules going down and clearing up little by little. I will repost two weeks from now to tell you how the regimen is going and if i recommend for anyone to use it........ for people who have light breakouts i do recommend OBAGI CLENZIDERM M.D because it helped me a lot drastically but its $129 started kit that last about 3 months. and refills are about $40 a bottle. The bad thing about the Leaf & Rusher that Spot treatment is in a very small container that last about 2 to 3 weeks if you use it wisely. and the refills are about $25