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First Day of my Blog

Hullo to anyone who is reading my blog! I stumbled upon this website a year ago when I had severe acne and have been checking up on it regularly. My story is the following: I had the occasional hormonal spots when I was growing up and when I reached my early twenties I started having acne. I had no idea why my skin was reacting that way and I decided it was probably down to an unbalanced diet. When I was 23 my acne got very bad in the space of year....looking back it was clear that stress was the cause for my massive breakout...I was doing a full-time Masters degree, I was working practically full-time, I had suffered a bad break up and on top of it all my father was very ill. My skin was so bad even my family were shocked at the number of spots I had. It was a very sad and lonely time for me...I was ashamed to go out in public because of the way people would look at me and sometimes I would call in sick just so that people wouldn't see how bad my skin was. I was prescribed Dianette and within the space of six months my skin had cleared up beautifully. I was also using a cream called Differine and a little gadget called Zeno which uses a heat system to reduce spots. The Dianette pill however had its side effects: serious depressive moods and weight gain. After almost two years of having taken Dianette I was advised by my doctor to stop taking the pill and see how my body reacted....It has been three weeks and so far everything is fine..(touch wood) I am still using my Differine cream which prevents spots from developing and I am also taking Brewer's Yeast and combination of vitamins to keep me healthy. To be perfectly honest with you guys, I am absolutely terrified of the acne coming back and am dreading the day when I'll see a spot start to appear. I would basically like to ask anyone out there who has experienced the same thing as me whether there is anything they can advise? I have read on many blogs that after about three months your skin goes back to what it used to be but should I really believe this and stress myself out for nothing?? I know stress triggers it so I have to keep as calm as I can but I ironically have a stressful busy job with long hours...Anyhoo to anyone who is reading this I would greatly appreciate any advice