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first month

Hi, Everybody I started amnesteem for moderate persistent acne On february 27th. Now its been almost a month on 40mg. I just want to start this blog in a way to document my path on amnesteem and side effects and well everything. And maybe help other people that are going through this too. Well, talking about my first week I started getting headaches but only the first week and they were a few time but very bearable. I also felt a huge pain in my lowe belly, Like period cramps. But I think it was constipation pains or gas. But anywaysl oily face. second week much better pains went away. though I do lift many things that are heavy. So my lowetr back was hurting even more. But it went away as well. oily face, less. third and fourth week oilyness wwent away. now normal skin. If im in a hot weather nd greasy stuff I get oily in my nose and forehead but not cheeks. makeup looks so much better. I did brakeout the second week but it wasnt like crazy brakeout. there way cysts and whiteheads. Maybe because I use makeup they dont show that much. it was much better but still a lot of blackheads and those pimples that are small to be a blackhead but if you touch them they becaome a whitehead, well like that. In the beggining of 4th week I broke out again these tme only cysts on my right cheeks like 4 and left a bundle of them. My skin is not that dry, Actually I think its perfect. Now I dont need to blot oil waya every 2 hours or be afraid that my make uo is running with the heat. But I know and I can feel getting drier. My lips got chapped the second week. and starting peeling and flaking after a few days, within the 2nd week. For moisturizer any will work that is plain. But I noticed that if I use moisturizaer at night and my regular in the moning my skin is much better . for my lips I used burt bees pomagranate lip balm which is great but I dont like the color. but it is very moisturizer. the honey kind from burts bees is not as moisturizing but its good. I already had my second appointment and the doctor bumped it up to 80mg I weight around 132lb. ------------------------------ started amenesteem: february 27th weight 132lb height 5 '4'' month 1: 40 mg month 2: 80 mg