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Germs live on things that touch your face.

so I was doing everything right. I was following my routine, resisting the urge to pick and yet I could not fight off a swarm of resiliant, in-the-same-place-all-the-time bumps.(on the cheeks) These bumps where the kind that if picked, would produce a small rice like "grains". Thinking I had got it all out of the pore I would think nothing of it but like clock work they would magically fill back up and the bump would still remain there. So frustrating! One day I looked at my makeup brushed and wondered exactly how long I had owned them. I washed them "here and there" but not nearly as much as I guess I should have been. I decided to wash them every week and guess what? Those stupid little bumps you can still see under your flawlessly applicated foundation went FAR Far away. Conclusion: Germs from touching your face, dirty brushes, unwashed pillow cases and even some heavy makeout sessions seriously clog your pores. Bacteria THRIVE on the little buggers that get rammed into your pores everytime you brush your face. So a simple rule to live by, If you must touch your face, make sure you are using a hand santiser regularly.Disinfect your cell phone (lets face it, your on it all the time) and wash those darn makeup brushes! Keep germs away from your face because as we all know we have enough hormone, stress and diet woes to worry about aggrivating our acne. Why add everyday germs into the mix as well? LIVE CLEAN