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A glimpse down the proverbial rabbit hole which is acne solutions.

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Nose goes.

Anyone who has ever had acne will understand exactly what I mean when I say that getting a large pimple on the INSIDE of your nostril is one of the most painful and embarrassing places you can get one. Here are three reasons why this place, above nearly all other places on one's face, is so frustrating. 1- It's right above your lip so when you talk to someone, especially large groups of people [like I do for work], I always feel like they're staring at it. Which I can't really get angry at them for I mean, I'm guilty of it too. 2- It's one of the few tender spots that is so fragile that you can actually feel it growing....Or maybe that's just me. 3- It is nearly impossible to successfully pop the SOB. I mean, I'm trying this semi-yoga pose to get into the right position in the bathroom mirror.... with an extra lamp for light...trying to pierce the head with a needle....only to find that I can't seem to properly squeeze the dredged clogged nastiness because, lo and behold, there isn't anything to squeeze since the damn thing has a nostril on one side and I can't shove my finger that far up my nose. [Yeah. It's THAT big.] Hopefully, a lot of BP for my nose planet and a nice cup of green tea for my nerves will make this all a humorous anecdote and not a full-on battle between myself and my enlarged [on one side!!] snout.

March 20, 2010

There are days when I just stare at the mirror for hours. It’s almost as if I squint and kind of lose focus I can just barely imagine what my face would look like clear. Every day when I put on my makeup, there's a moment when I just look at myself, foundation in one hand; and think about how much easier this would be if I didn't look like I had chicken pox. I can no longer leave the house without makeup, I refuse to do so. Going for a run, going to the store, going to get the mail, I just can't leave the house without putting something on my face. Thankfully I've found a nice hypoallergenic non-clogging tinted moisturizer which will do the trick for short junkets to the store and for when I'm going out on a run. You know it's funny, but I feel as though because I have bad skin I have become more personally motivated to stay in shape. It's kind of sad in a way, it's like I've developed an automatic compliment. Since I know for a fact no one is going to say I have a pretty face; instead I bank on the fact that people tell me I have a nice shape, a nice body, nice figure. Which for all intensive purposes may be a slightly less than healthy mindset...but the way I see it is that as long as I'm healthy and active and in shape it really isn't the worst kind of standard a girl can have.

Background and New Beginnings

Let's see....where do I begin. I've had acne since...well...since I can remember really. I think I started breaking out when I was 10/11 and then it just steadily got worse and worse as I got older. Within the last 2 years it has progressed from mild to severe [complete with cysts!! YAY! >.<] I've tried almost every combination of the "drug store cocktail" as I like to call it. You know, when you mix and match products hoping to blindly stumble onto the perfect remedy. It never worked out well for me. I was on Retinal-A for a while, but it made my skin super flaky and did not help my acne. I did proactive a while back, and it did not help me either. I even tried Murad, which actually made my skin worse. I've started using the regime this website suggests. We'll see how it works out. I guess I'm just hoping that at some point the trial and error dilemma of trying to find something that gives me clear skin will eventually happen. I'm still hopeful though, just frustrated with the lack of changes.