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My Anti-Picking Mission

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I'm not sure if I'm doing a very good job at not picking... lol. i haven't had a whole lot of stress lately because we haven't had much home work at school, so I've been able to relax more at home. I took the bathroom mirror down yesterday, so I think that should help a lot. I kind of fell asleep last night without washing my face, though. I know I'm gonna pay for that later...





Day 1 of Mission

Hey Everyone, I pick in my face a lot. It's mostly stress that does it. Although it's the only real habit I have besides texting, it's causing me to have extreme insecurities about myself. It's hard approaching people in public without thinking that they are probably looking at the acne scars on my face thinking they look nasty. They probably don't think that at all, but it still bugs me to no end. So I decided to go online and find information on ways to stop oneself from picking. That was when I came across this website and decided that it would be a good idea to join. Maybe if I write a blog each day, it will remind me of my mission to quit picking, and encourage me not to do it anymore. I hope to make a lot of friends here, and maybe we can help each other!




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