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Russonda's Experience

Hi My name is Russonda I'm 20 years old and today is my first day using Dan's acne.org products. I do have moderate acne. My fiancee and I have been trying to find a product that works for me. We have tried everything. We have tried Murad, Proactiv, Clean and Clear products, Neutrogena products, Aveeno products, Clearasil products, and also Acne Free. These are the products I have tried over the years. I believe if you use the products faithfully, meaning you use it everyday twice a day you should never break out. Of course us female might get a zit here or there, due to us having our red rose every month but I'm talking about when the products break you out with more than one zit and you use it faithfully. The products I name above they were okay but it never kept my face really clear My fiancee and I ran across acne.org and we decided to give this a try for me. I'm very excited to try his products What I'm going to do is blog once a month to tell you how well the products are working for me I'm starting off with the starter kit which is the 8oz kit. I did get all of his products, which is the cleanser, treatment, moisturizer, AHA, and the jojo oil. WISH ME GOOD LUCK REMEMBER I'M GOING TO BLOG ONCE A MONTH TO TELL YOU HOW ITS GOING -Russonda




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