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keeping Track!

Hey Everyone, I suppose this is more for my personal benefit than anything...but I told myself I would keep track of my acne progress somehow..and considering im no good with using a journal, I figured an online blog would make things easier! A little info. of myself... Im caucasian, female and 20 years old. Fair skin...and my skin scars easily. A little history... All through middle and highschool I had really good skin. I never had full acne breakouts...just the occasional zit here and there. And a little bit of bacne that was easily taken care of by using Neutrogena Salicylic Acid body wash. About a year after highschool I noticed my face breaking out a little more than usual, so I was put on a few different types of hormone control pills (otherwise known as birth control) to see which one was the most effective for me. Turns out ortho-trycyclen did the trick, and I was back to my old self in no time. That was until summer 09 rolled around... for the past 8-9 months my skin has been having MAJOR breakouts...really out of the norm. for me. It all started late last summer and it just hasnt cleared up. Ive been to my doctor who perscribed me numerous topical treatments and oral antibiotics..none of which worked and also put a costly dent in my savings. (thats what I get for having no medical plan I guess) So my doctor decided it was time to send me to the professionals, the dermatologist. My first appointment was this past January, and prior to meeting her I had talked with my doc about accutane..saying we should get a second oppinion knowing he wouldn't be able to perscribe it for me himself. But instead of going onto accutane...the derm. perscribed me two topical treatments... Retisol-A which Im supposed to use every morning, and a concouction of clindamycin and acetoxyl solution, which I apply every night. I have been using these two products for 2 and a half months now. I had a second appointment with the dermatologist because there had not been much progress with the topical treatments, but shes a very persistient lady and just says to stick with it. I have a few side effects from the clindamycin/acetoxyl solution. Redness and pain as well as severe temp. increase of the skin upon application ( its very uncomfortable) and as a result my skin has become very dry and flaky, and itchy. A bad combination. For now ill continue using the two topical treatments until my next derm. appointment. along with taking my ortho-tricyclen. Cheers!