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Accutane: Day Uno

I have only taken one Accutane pill so far, so I have had no results with my skin or any side effects. I'm pretty freaked out though. It took a lot for me to take the first pill. I'm really paranoid about medicines, I really, really don't like them. Mostly, I'm worried about my liver. Since Accutane is a high dose of vitamin A, it can be damaging to your liver. Since I am so young, I really don't want any damage to my body. I'm going to need it to work for a long time! Right now, the worst part is that I have to wear glasses. I usually wear contacts, but I can't on Accutane, because it makes your eyes dry out. I look like such a nerd, lol. I really wish I could just wear my contacts, glasses are such a hassle


I'm a 17 year old girl and I am new to acne.org. I'm just doing this bog because I'm about to start Accutane, which is very stressful for me, because of all the crazy side effects I've heard about, and I think getting my thoughts out there will make me feel a LOT better. So, about me: I'm very girly. I love to shop and I love clothes, especially from Aéropostale or B.P. I also love my family, we are very close. My parents are very supportive and sometimes when I'm really upset I think that they are the only thing that keeps me happy. My two other loves are the outdoors and my fabulous friends. With my friends I love to have sleepovers, movie nights, play tennis, go swimming, go out to eat or go to the mall. My favorite foods are chips with salsa and Starbucks's coffee (I know it's bad for your skin, but I love it!!) All I really want out of life is to laugh, to have fun and to breath the fresh air! I have had acne since I was about 12, when I started middle school. At least, I thought I had bad acne back then. It probably wasn't as bad as I made it out to be, I remember my mom telling me when I got my first zit that it was no big deal. But, since I had beautiful clear skin up until that point, one teeny tiny zit made me freak out. I started wearing a TON of makeup when I was about 13 (concealer and stuff), which is terrible for your skin, so it probably only aggravated my condition. I went everyday putting powder all over my face until I was 16. Then, I decided that I had to stop with the cover-up. It's just a huge hassle and it's really gross, your skin is better without it. However, this was SO HARD to do. Since I wore makeup my whole life, I didn't want people to see me without it and see my acne. I finally accomplished my goal, and now I NEVER wear any cover-up or concealer on my face. It really did help my skin and make it cleaner, in my opinion. I don't have terrible acne, but I am beginning to feel like it will never go away. I get small white heads on my chin, cheeks (this is the worst), and forehead. I used to have terrible blackheads when I wore makeup on my face, but they are completely gone since I stopped. I have been going to a dermatologist for about 3- 3 1/2 years. I have used many creams: Differein and Tazorac to name a few. I have also used antibiotics. They really have not helped that much. My doctors (I go to two) told me my best options for completely getting rid of my acne are either Accutane or laser treatments and were each really excited about both, lol. They both sound pretty extreme, in my opinion, but I just want to get this all over with. Well, now you've heard my life story. Any advice on Accutane??