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Trial and Error

Updates! It would seem that my skin responds the most to one simple rule; Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. And maybe also: chill yo' sh*t out! After many weeks of trial and error, my acne appears to be subsiding. I believe the following are to thank for this improvement: Egg White Masks only ONCE a week . To use these masks once a day (like I was for several months) dries out the skin considerably and throws off the balance of the skin's regenerative and moistur




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Keep on keepin' on!

I'll be honest with you; Only a month has passed since blogging here, and really it takes far longer than that to deem a regimen unworthy, but I'm ready to throw some thoughts at you. Put simply, I was crazy to believe that pumping all those harsh chemicals onto my face would cure my acne, but the products I bought certainly pulled my skin out of the dark ages a.k.a. disaster breakout that recently flared up. With the regimen I chose, I found that acne did begin to disappear with time, but

A Single Step

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao Tzu Well there ya have it. Just when you think you have an original thought it turns out somebody already said it better. But this is it! My first step. The journey is obviously one towards the promise land of clean skin, and the first step is starting this blog and surfing the Acne.org community for all the information and skin care tips I can get. Already I've found an abundance of good advice here and a lotta goo
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