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I love accutane and accutane loves me

I rolled out of bed 15 min before my class, brushed my teeth, made a protein shake to go, and went to class. WITH NO MAKE-UP ON. That my friends, is why I love accutane. My face is clear. Not one cyst, not even a trace of one, no little bumps, NOTHING. It is amazing. I realllllly wish I would have gotten this drug earlier. I don't have any of those crazy side effects. My lips are dry, but I carry accutane like a stoner carries visine. Inside my nose feels kinda weird, and I might have had on





First Week

My lips are falling off. ...but I don't have any huge cyst! I felt two coming and put some retin A on it, and it hasn't turned into a nightmare (yet). But yea my lips feel like the first layer of them is gone. I am an aquaphor addict and will have to attend meetings when these 6 months are over. I'm scared for next month when I move up to two pills a day. Hopefully my face doesn't fall off.




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popping my accutane cherry

So I'm 21 and still have the same annoying problem. Random cystic acne on just my chin. One of those underground painful shitholes at a time. Everything else on my face is good to go, but then I get a huge painful cyst (it is too fucking big to be classified as a pimple) on my chin. It is 3D and impossible to cover. Stands out like no other. Having these cyst puts me in an awful mood. I don't want to go out and do anything because it's an entire ordeal to attempt to cover it (with m




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