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Week 1 - day 2

WOW this sucks. My skin is all itchy and red and puffy in places. But i feel better after reading on here that that is normal and that if i bear with it my skin will grow accustomed to the BP so...yay! I already feel an improvement in the oiliness of my skin. But that's all i have taken personal pictures to remind myself of improvement and to keep myself motivated. Which is where this blog comes in also. I only started last night, but i think maybe i will tone down my BP to only once a day to start with until my skin can cope without making me wanna scratch my face off GO ME! I have decided to stick with it no matter what. My goal? To one day not have to fuss with foundation and concealer blahblahblah. To not be recognized as the girl with the spots and scars. And most of all to not be in pain because of hoooge pimples and not feel self conscious :}