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Didi's journey through Ipl's, epiduo, and doxycycline

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Day 3

I am so frustrated..I'm popping up more pimples up in my chin area and the red marks are more apparent than ever..i'm afraid that I have to wear makeup for the rest of my life! Ugggggg...... Sucks!! I'm so down..I've tried everything to kill the acne and it's not working. I want to go on accutane so bad!!! Fingers crossed that I will soon!!!!!!!! Much Love, Diane DiDi Nguyen





Day 1

Hey guys, So maybe this isn't my first day but it's been about two weeks since I've started up this regimen. My current regimen is: .1% clyndamycin topical lotion epiduo gel 150 mg of doxycyline and an IPL every three weeks for red marks It seems that this week that I've had a massive IB..nodules on my chin everywhere. I break out on my chin like crazy and have massive red marks on it. I hide it with makeup but as soon as the makeup comes off, it's back to my nodular self. I have about two nodules that are dying down but still, it's rather bumpy. I hope that by my birthday in june..i would be clear but I don't think so at this rate. I hope the IPLs will get rid of my red marks!!!!! Well that's all for today!!! But I would love to hear your inputs on how to fade acne red marks and so forth! I am considering about doing accutane next month if the chin acne doesn't clear up for me. Much <3. Diane DiDi Nguyen