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Day 9!! New Feeling!!! wuwuwuwu!

Yesterday was a pretty emotionally intense day , but fortunately the sun has come up today (literally after daaaaaaays of clouds and rainy weather). I woke up this morning to find that some of my pimples are reduced and even drying a little! Very hopeful that by the end of the week the biggest ones now will reduce a little more. It's day nine so I'm not expecting anything major. After reading numerous blogs, I realized that it is sooo insane to keep thinking about the drawback of having acne. I truly think that those of us who have a skin condition build up a much stronger and genuine confidence and character because we're so exposed. We're put to the challenge. It doesn't hurt to remind ourselves of the precious inner qualities we've been given! I reminded myself that things happen for a reason. There is a purpose to every experience in life and I know with all my heart that something amazing is waiting at the end of this adventure! Will continue posting as often as possible! Have a great day!

First Week on Claravis

I started my first week of treatment on Claravis. I'm currently on 60mg. I was extremely nervous to begin and had to deal with the anxiety of starting for an entire month while the whole ipledge system was in place. Well, I hadn't felt any side effects until yesterday, which is why I decided to begin blogging this experience. I hope I can get readers and get feedback because boy do I feel I'm in for a ride. I have the obvious dry lips, but this morning I began feeling extremely agitated and had a horrible headache. I ended up having a diet coke and some candy, which actually helped but I got a little freaked out. It may also be PMS mixed with Claravis side effects (what a combination). Any how, I've been fighting acne since middle school. I thought it had gone away, but now at age 25 it has come back and I feel soooo ugly. It's a horrible horrible feeling. I don't think I had ever had my self esteem so loooow ever! I look at other's skin and ooooh do I long to have that smoothness. It hurts to wash my face! I don't wish this upon anyone! It's really bad. As of now. I have broken out on both sides of my chin, cheeks, and forehead. I have blackheads, whiteheads, and cystic acne. My skin is so tender in the areas where it's more concentrated that I bleed. The one on my right cheek bleeds every time I wash my face or shower since the skin is so sensitive. I'm truly fearing scars at this point! It's really embarrassing. I attended a birthday party this weekend with my boyfriend's family and his grandmother gave me a kiss so hard on the cheek, I realized I was bleeding... sooo gross. Thankfully no one noticed and I was able to control it. I'm sooo hopeful this medication will help! I want to feel good about myself like I used to. We all have things we don't like about ourselves, but when people flat out notice your flaws, it's horrible. People stare at your acne instead of focusing on your eyes when having a conversation. It's even worse when your job entails talking to people all day! I will keep posting on a weekly basis if not more often to keep track. I know I'm not the only one out there feeling this way, but boy does this put a burden on everyday living!