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My life, My acne, and learning to drive!

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First Blog Ever!!

Hi! This is my first entry in a my very first blog! How exciting! I'm 16. I've had acne since 8th grade. I'm a swimmer. Blah. Blah. Today, was great! It was one of those days that is great for absolutely no reason. I just practiced parallel parking outside in my driveway. Yay for huge trashcans! I didn't do so hot.. Good thing they weren't cars. Well, There is always tomorrow. Umm. I'm going to look at other blogs later, I really don't know what to say in a blog. Its like a diary, but the kind of diary that you don't mind being posted on the internet. I've been using retin a and a topical antibiotic for 6 weeks but my skin still looks gross. And sooo oily. I wish I could just have pretty skin and big boobs. That's all I want. Please God? Well, I guess this concludes my very first blog entry.