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Redness of the skin... Rossica?

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Ok so I was just wondering some peoples opinion. I'm guessing that I have rossica but I don't know. I can't really think of when it started but It's been here for at least a good 7 years. Damn that's along time. I've been on accutane twice but the last time was like 2004. But the redness can be noticible even with make up half the time, with the exception of white circles around my eyes. Form my eyebrows to a little past the beginning of my cheek bones. I currently use persa gel 10% bp which I have used about 6 years...I know I recently read that I should use a lower dose and all that so I will try that. Sometimes I use alveno baby wash if my skin feels burnt from the persa gel. Other than that I tried the egg white mask and really liked the results Seemed to help alot so we'll see where that goes. I also like queen helene's mint julep mask but don't use it much. I had forgotten about it untill I seen a post on here. Anyway I have oily skin mostly and flaky skin from the benzol peroxide I'm guessing, but if you have similar skin or problems some suggestions or oppinions would greatly appreciated. -thanx