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Day 45

Day 45 Well, i don't really know where to start, eh... Hmmm, these first 45 days have probably been the worst 45 of my life, my face is quite a bit worse than when i even began treatment.. But one good sign is i think my awful IB is finally over. Right now im just dealing with one three or four actives but a large handful of red marks on cheeks and jawline. I still have tiny bumps all around my mouth and cheeks that make my skin look bumpy and feel rough. At my last derm visit i asked her w

1 moth on accutane

1 month I haven't been on here in a while, just been sooooo frustrated... Been staying at home because i don't wanna be seen :/ I'm actually starting to clear up, but this month has been pretty horrible, my initial breakout was pretty shitty and i guess the only way to go from there is up (hopefully). I have these two cysts on my chin that are almost squishy, yeah i know sounds gross but that's the only way to describe it. The cysts that were on the jaw line have all cleared up pretty muc

DAY 15

DAY 15 So, today pretty much the start of my third week. I got to the dermatologist on Monday and i hope to stay on 80mg of the tane. Right now, on the left side of my face it is healing pretty well and no actives on the left side. On the right side, everything is healing with one active on my jawline. My chin however isn't wanting to cooperate. I have literally 50 little closed comedones on my chin and around my mouth. You can only really see them when i stretch my skin, like move my mouth

1 week

First week on Accutane... Well the first few days i didnt really notice anything except for a couple headaches, but within the last couple days my lips have become really really dry. Im using blistex and a balm, which is really helping. I think my initial breakout has come earlier than most. On day 3 i started getting multiple cysts on my jaw line and chin. Now its day 6-7 and they are healing, but very slowly, I have also received a couple pimples on my cheeks and around my mouth. My skin

Start Accutane Today

First off I'm an 18 year old male, and i have suffered from acne since the beginning of high school and it has continually gotten worse over the 4-5 year span. I now have moderate to severe acne. With all the good stuff like cystic acne. I went to the pharmacy today and picked up my prescription of Accutane that my dermatologist subscribed. So, tonight will be my first pill of, from what i hear, a long long long journey. I will write once a week with hopefully news of joy each week, ha...
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