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Healing acne scabs and scars

Hi, i thought i would put up a post about healing these awful breakouts i get every other month. i usually have very clear and evenly toned skin. However, every other month i break out like crazy around my mouth - i suspect it is either hormonal or dietary. i have a vegan diet and do not take any vitamin supplements - i think i should start trying something, though! Anyway, A few days ago i got a couple of pimples, waited for them to head and popped them. They are now little red scar/scabs around my mouth. Last night I had a very tiny pimple on my chin and popped it - and now it is the hugest red mark on my face!! I hid from everyone all day today, trying different things on my face to heal it all - it's such a mess! All day I was putting BP on my face, letting it dry and then moisturizing. This didn't help the redness or swelling. I tried drinking lots of green tea and wiping the tea bag on my face - this relaxed my skin just a tiny bit. I then tried putting some of my mineral powder on it when walking about - this helped soothe and calm down my skin actually - and made it really soft! After that, I washed my wash very gently and was super bummed to see that my spots were more red than ever - it made me wanna cry I heated up some honey and applied it to my skin right away. After about 30 mins I washed it gently off - it didn't do too much. This is where things get good - I chopped up some advil and added water to it. I applied this to my face... after 10 mins my swelling was down like 50% and the redness had vanished to just the various small spots on my face - not covering the whole area! After this, i put on some aloe vera - this combo is SO GOOD! It moisturized my skin, leaving it soft, and reduced swelling and redness, too. I started using these two things alternately throughout the night and things kept getting better and better. My huge open wound from that tiny zit i popped started to heal very quickly. I want everything to heal over and be the least red they can get so i can put makeup over it and go out tomorrow night. It's only been 24 hours since starting this all, and it looks way better - or at least is more manageable. I will update this tomorrow and the next day with my progress and post pix at the end of it all - hopefully only takes a few days!




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