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Week One summary on DK Regimen.

Alright, little late with the weekly update, just finished my first week and now going into my second week on the DK regimen kit. Current skin status: -around 5 active spots that seem to be healing -Still lingering post-hyper pigmentation spots. -Overall a slightly dry, flaky and sensitive, this only is a nuisance when I’m wearing skin makeup. I use all Clinique cosmetics and find they are the least problematic for my skin. -Face is a bit red but it's not too noticeable as it balances out the natural green and yellow undertones of my skin. First week I definitely had a noticeable purge, all my non-inflamed acne turned inflamed. My face looked terrible so I hid out in the house for the most part. The times I did go out, I packed on the makeup and generally was really conscious of my skin the entire time. Makeup also felt uncomfortable on my skin and I couldn't wait to go home and wash it off, I don't usually find makeup uncomfortable to wear. I assume it’s due to my skins sensitivity right now. At this point I like the simplicity of the regimen and how gentle it is, especially compared to how I previously treated my skin by over-exfoliating to the point my skin was quite raw, though incredibly soft! Hopefully after the flakes and dryness go away my skin will feel softer. I'm going to try looking around local health stores for jojoba oil this week. As far as my back acne goes, my biggest issue as always is hyper pigmentation spots. I haven't really looked lately so I'm not sure of its current state, but tonight after bathing I mixed a bit of fresh lemon juice into 10% urea cream I use for my KP and applied it to my back. Not sure if it will make much difference but I thought it may help since it's for the most part non-inflamed and is similar to KP as far as the hard plugs that sit dormant are concerned. My skin is definitely slowly starting to clear up, I'm hoping that I don't experience another breakout for my second week and can sail right through to clear skin from now on. Especially for my Punta Cana vacay coming up.





First day of regimen!

I recieved my package in the mail today with my order of the acne.org kit. Just applied it before getting ready for bed. I have moderate acne on my face, mostly inflamed, combination skin. Current status of skin is: -Approx. 7 active blemishes -Approx. 15 post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation marks -Overall dull and uneven skin tone I was using pro active up until now, it stopped working after three months so I knew it was time to take a different approach. I'm also on a 100mg dosage of spironolactone, which has made my skin less oily but hasn't done much as far as breakouts are concerned. I started mid December at 50mg. I'm also treating my non-inflammed acne on my back with freshly squeezed lemon juice, it seems to be fading the hyperpigmented marks slowly, not any noticeable active blemishes at this point although it's hard to tell since they're usually non-inflamed. If I discover any new outbreaks I'm going to try applying rice vinegar topically instead. Current things to work on: -stop picking at skin -avoid caffiene -resist urge to exfoliate (I'm an avid over-exfoliator) -persist with the regimen even if I feel like copping out. -try to eat healthier even though resources are limited right now Will be using this as a weekly track of progress. Hopefully this works!




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