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Regime Regime Regime

I have joined acne.org today and this is my first blog entry. I'm 22 and sick of acne, when I look in the mirror I actually think I could be physically sick I'm starting the regime as of today yay! My face was pretty clear about 4 months ago but I guess it takes a while to build up and this is one hell of a breakout. My skin is seriously that bad if I woke up in a park a blind guy would be reading my face (old acne joke) sometimes you've got to laugh at yourself. It's going to take real will power 1) because I'm impatient, in a world of now, hurry and quick results right away I'm not used to waiting months and 2) My face will not doubt get worse before it gets better it doesn't seem to like change. So I guess that's it for now with regular updates, I hope my make-up can cover the multitude of dins that sit beneath. Just stick to the regime