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Candida and Acne

I just wanted to get my experience so far with acne and the candida diet so someone else may benefit from it as I have reading other blogs. I started the diet on accident, I thought I might be gluten intolerant due to all of the symptoms I had been experiencing for quite some time. Extreme fatigue Digestive issues (hated to eat as it made me feel sick) Dizziness Sever Cystic acne on my chin Skin cracking on the under layers of my chin (very weird not even the facialists could figure it out) not to mention drs irritability dry skin etc etc When I started taking out all gluten I was feeling better but was having fluelike symptoms, a couple people asked me if I thought it might be candida and so I looked into that and started the diet (very hard as I love my carbs). I have been on the diet for 3 weeks now and have been taking coconut oil, Phillips colon health and Femdophilious since week 2 with great results in my skin! Acne disappeared almost immediately! Now I only get a stray pimple and it is not from deep inside my skin, painful etc etc. and they are not just on my chin (which I am told is a sign of female organ trouble or hormones) I am convinced that I have hit on something that the dr's and creams could not help me out with. I started taking Threelac yesterday in the hopes it helps me feel even better and maybe my tongue will be pink again for the first time since I don't know when.