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Hello Everyone!!!

Hello Everyone- I am a 28 year old female who has suffered with acne since I was 16. It worsened as I went away to college and by the time I was 19 it was full blown. I began seeing a derm at that point and started what would become a decade on various mediations; differin, doxycycline, minocycline, BP washes, Proactive...you name it. I distintly remember my first derm saying that "this office does not prescribe Accutane because it has been linked to teen suicide!" Two years later (around 04) I was clear. In 2005 I got pregnant and for that year I had the best skin of my life. In 2006, the downward spiral began. I began to get hard lumps under my skin and these lumps led to scarring.... Everyone on here knows how bad acne can be so I wont elaborate on how awful it was. If you are on this page than you are probably contemplating Accutane or have begun taking it! Accutane was the hardest decision that I have ever had to make. It took my derm two years to get me you try it. I perfomed extensive research and came up with more than a handful of horror stories***me freaking out*** What made it worse is that my older sister took me from concerned to paranoid...said that I was choosing vanity over the life of my three year old son (if I became suicidal I might take his life and mine). The whole thing made me crazy. I am six days into the treatment! I have no sad feelings, I am not seeing anything that isnt there and there are no suicidal thoughts. In some ways, I believe the worse side effect of Accutane is the paranoia that happens before you begin the treatment....the worse side effect is worrrying about the side effects...LOL! I am going to continue logging my journey through Accutane because If I can help make it easier for one person to make the choice to try Accutane, I will do it gladly! Please let me know if anyone has questions or just needs an ear....I'm here!! I will post pictures as soon as I get around too it!!




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