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adult acne gone

I have had acne for years. Since I was about 16, it never went away permanently. I tried zinc 15mg, it went away for about six months. Tried all kinds of medicines including accutane, which caused my acne to flare up into cysts and now have scarring. Still had acne. What worked. A product called Perfect skin, got great results then added Fish Oil Supplements from a health food store, and 15 mg of zinc and a multivitamin. NO MORE ACNE. and the results with the Fish Oil were immediate. No waiting. Literally everyday, it got better. I use Cetaphil for sensitive skin to wash, a moisturizer with SPF and for makeup MAC studio fix brushed lightly with a makeup brush. Acne caused many tears and low self esteem, I wish I would have tried internally without b.s. antibiotics which are not an answer. Just make sure your not allergic to fish. best of luck




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