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Hi everyone! I am here to get rid of my acne. And hopefully we'll get rid of it together. So, this is what I'm going to start using. -Clindamycin -Differin -BP -Tetracycline Hydrochloride Capsules USP (500 mg by doctor) Ok so I was planning Clindamycin in the morning with 500 mg of tetracycline, Differin and BP at night with 500 mg of tetracycline. With steam water to warm my face up to warm my face up. My Story: It all started in 4th grade. My first pimple. No big deal you know the same old same old just cleans it gone the next day just like that. Went on for about eh, 6 months or so, get one every 3 or 4 months. Then the pimples came back more often, 3 or more every 2 months. Cleans every day from there to another year. Acne was usual getting better. Then, 6th grade break outs occurred ALL THE TIME. Every week. That got really bad. Then we go to the dermatologist and prescribed me with over the counter products simple stuff. Like apricot scrub and cleaners and stuff. Lever 2000 etc... Then it kept getting worse. 7th grade. THE WORST YEAR OF MY WHOLE LIFE. (so far) My acne was SO bad I wouldn't go to school RARELY. My self-esteem was VERY low at that point. I started to wear make-up foundation and it made me feel much better about myself. But in fact, it made matters even WORSE. I was addicted to it and I knew if I stopped wearing it, people would make fun of me. I also was a MAJOR picker. I went to the dermatologist and he was shocked about how bad my acne had gotten. He put me on some pills that I forgot the name of. :/ and those seemed to work pretty good. But I could never ever stick with a product. I either would forget to use it, or I would think it would be useless to try it because there are so many treatments out there that I would think I would NEVER get the right one. I tried to stick to treatments and tried and tried and I always failed. Entered 8th grade and wore foundation still. Picked still. Then I stopped wearing make-up. That made me feel REALLY confident. So now that thats over with. Then I kept quitting on products and about a month ago I decided, it's been too long. I'm not gonna survive through this anymore. I'm getting RID of this acne once and for all! So now no more picking, make-up wearing, or quitting! Thats my story. Now like what I said before that, this is how tonight went! After use Night 1 Day 1: Ok so now I just used differin and BP and they worked out great! No stinging! I really hope BP works good. A lot of people say it does! Of course no problem with taking Tetracycline. Peace of cake! I'll blog back tomorrow! Hopefully this is the solution!




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