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The Regimen: Days 1 & 2

LET ME JUST START OFF BY SAYING: I was looking through the blogs on this website, trying to find out about the Regimen and how people react to it, and I read so many blog entries which were filled with "life stories" and "daily activities" of people trying out the Regimen. In my opinion, anybody reading your blog on a website called ACNE.ORG is more interested in your skincare experiences, not your after-school band practice. Therefore, I want to let anybody know that this blog will be solely ab




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The Regimen, Day 0: The Purchase

Let me give you a little run down of what this is all about. My name is Mike (say "MY-KUH") and I'm a 17-year-old male (hopefully). I've been dealing with mild to moderate acne since I was in freshmen year of high school. I've tried a bunch of the standard acne stuff: Clearasil, AcneFree, skinID, Stridex pads. I've even tried several different types of prescription acne treatments. But nothing has ever given me what I wanted. Inner peace? No. There has never been a treatment that has fulfil




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