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RANT: Over It!

I am honestly OVER this acne thing. I'm sure all of you are, but are being troopers and trying to get clear and GOOD skin. I am just almost giving up on ways to get my skin clear. I've had acne problems since I was 12 (now 21) and have been to 5 dermatologists in my lifetime. It seems like some things work but after a time period medicine and creams don't work anymore. I'm sure a lot of you out there have a similar story and are just sick of it. It honestly is a WASTE of my money and time. My acne now is not as bad as it use to be (on the brighter side of things). But I still break out randomnly and yes, frequently. I have scars all over both cheeks, its so ugly and most times I just hate looking at my face. I am very conscious about this, who wouldn't be? I know how judgmental people can be about ugly-looking facial skin, it bothers me. I tried in life, to cover my pimples and scars with liquid foundations of all sorts but that made things worse. I now use mineral foundation which I hardly use but when I go out I do use it. It's better than liquid and isn't very light on my pores. But who am I really fooling? My scars are still visible being that now, they are very deep in my skin and red. I absolutely envy those who have clear, beautiful skin. I hate hearing people complain when they breakout and only have ONE pimple on their entire face. I just think its amazing how skin problems can make ones world miserable. Maybe thats a little to exagerrated but still, I feel like its a war against my acne. I hate it!