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My Road to Clear Skin on Accutane

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Almost 3 Weeks!

Ok, so I never claimed to be good at keeping up with a blog. Maybe thats why I've never done one before now.....hmmmm. But I really wanted to do this one cause there are so many blogs out there that have helped me through the hard decision to start accutane, and have helped me when I've had questions (THANKS EVERYONE!) Anyway here I am creeping up on week 3 (this wed) My symptoms have been odd, and not continual....The ones that are sticking around are moodiness dry lips itchy dry nose little aches in my back Eyes a little blurry For a while I had horrible itchy dry scalp, and while its still dry is deffinitly not itchy any more. Bought some Head and Shoulders and that helped soooooo much. I also had a small period in time where my eyes were soooooo dry and itchy but they seem to have normalized now. I'd have to say one of the coolest things I've experienced so far is that my skin is not oily any more! Ican't hardly believe it. I went into the bathroom at work and blotted my face with a paper towell at about 2 today and there was minimal oil. This coming from someone who could blot an hour after applying make up and have an oil slick. My skin is a little dry and flaky, and I'm going to try gently exfoliating as soon as the initial breakout piples go away. And they are! Which also is awesome. I'm still getting a few, but not like normal. And the larger ones I have are dissapearing! The only wierd thing is that my neck, shoulders and back are breaking out bad all of a sudden. Odd.... But thats ok for now. Its winter and I'm covered up. I just hope it clears by april and my beach wedding!!! So far I am optimistic. I've also noticed that working out has helped my aches. If I work out at night, the next day, aches aren't as bad. Nice! Also deffinitly need to drink lots of water. My body aches more when I dont. One really wierd thing is that all of a sudden I can SEE all the blackheads on my nose... and they are soooo bumpy. My nose feels textured! I heard that the biore pore strips help. Gonna try them. Anyway, gotta get going.... Hopefully I'll be back soon to report.





Getting to know me!!!

Hi There! I just recently started accutane (2/10/10) and every time I searched the internet when I had questions I found the most helpful information on this site. And a BIG THANKS to everyone out there that has Accutane related blogs! Its helped me out so much so far! Thats is why I decided to make my own blog, maybe mine will help someone out too!!! A little back ground info on me.... I feel like I have had acne as long as I can remember. As a teen it wasn't horrible, but deffinitly annoying! I'm 29 now, and in the last year my acne has gotten much much worse. Started getting the large cyst like acne that has scarred up my skin. My derm had sugggested accutane about a year aned a half ago, but the drug scared the crap out of me so I said no. Went on with horrible acne and nothing helping for the next year. Well just this last christmas my boyfriend proposed..... and I DO NOT WANT ACNE ON MY WEDDING DAY!!!! Went back to the derm and got the accutane process started!!! Now here I am... wedding approaching (April) and honestly I'm terrified that I will be ugly because of the redness and peeling of accutane. Not sure if I have done myself any favors. Oh well.....