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Accutane month 2 Day 2

I’m going to talk about my side affects and results I have seen so far in my first month of using Accutane. My history of Acne started back in high school around my freshman year and never really went away. I’m 21 years old now and through the past 2 to 3 years I have been Dealing with Cystic, nodular Acne on my back and black heads and mild acne on my face. My face has never really gotten that bad but as always been at least 3 or 4 Zits at one time. My acne on my face was strongest on my temples, Chin line, and Chin. My nose is a covered in black heads and I mean every pore. I would go through stages where my face would clear up and get better but it would I would never be Acne free by any means. I went to the dermatologist several time trying Tazorac, Duac, and anti biotic but nothing made a improvement. So I stopped going tired of wasting my money and hoping I would grow out of it. Well I still haven’t and the Acne was starting to take over my life. Not being able to take off your shirt, always self-concise about my face and greasy look to my skin. I was also starting to get concerned about the Scarring it was leaving behind and did not what to live the rest of my life like this. So I went to my family doctor for a normal check up and decided to ask for help. He told me about Accutane and told me to go to a dermatologist. Since that time I have been on Accuatne for 1 month. 40Mg twice daily. 1 Week I noticed Chapped lips. 2 Weeks I noticed more sever chapped lips and dry skin. 3rd Week I noticed the same plus dandruff, dry eyes, some muscle and joint pain but I'm very active and run and weight lift every other day. I think also noticed the initial breakout around this time but it’s hard to tell whether it’s due to medication or my skin doing its normal thing. One positive think I noticed was all the black heads that have clogged my pores in my nose started coming out. I could rub my finger and get lots of these black heads coming out. So I bought Biore cleansing strip and that has helped a ton. Week 4 all the same symptoms plus a little rash on arm and red face. Went to the Derm. The other day and said blood work was good so I started my second month. Woke up yesterday with 9 new deep painful cystic zits on my back and a few small ones on my face. I’ve had people comment on my red face at work which is uncomfortable and another thing to be self-concise about. Zits have been healing quicker which is good and my nose is almost completely clear of black heads, which I though would never happen. Overall I feel Kind of bummed today due to the breakouts and red face. I just hope that the results will start being more noticeable. I’m taking AquaPhor for my lips, which I heard several people recommend for the lips and it works great. The other stuff I've tried wears off sooner and leaves the lipped still feeling dry. Cetaphill for dry skin which does well. Glusomine for joints and lots of water.