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A New Beginning

Hello Acne.Org users! I've been lurking around this site for quite a long time now and I've finally joined in! I'm glad that this site features a blog community for members because in the past, I've been writing on my iPhone about my skin progress. So with this blog, I plan to just write about anything relating to my progress and battling acne, because for me, writing about one's thought about these kind of things are very significant - to keep oneself sane. I know for a fact how stressful and self-degrading it is when you have imperfections that are so out there. Without further ado, here's something a little bit about me. Background & History: I'm a nineteen year old male, filipino decent and residing in Canada. I started getting my first pimple when I was fourteen. It was just one little pimple, and I've made such a big deal out of it. This is probably one of THE biggest mistakes that I have ever done, and would forever regret doing so: I panicked about one pimple, and behold, I started using my mom's skin care stuff (Eskinol) all around my face. Yip, one pimple, and I started to "carefully" treat it. Within a couple of weeks, my skin didn't feel right anymore. It became dry, and without any knowledge of any skin care product or moisturizer perhaps, I started to get tiny bumps mostly around my forehead. Before I graduated grade 9, I had some on my cheeks. Of course, they weren't big but it messed my skin up. After I graduated Junior High, I went to the Philippines with my family. My cousins from there immediately noticed that I had pimples and suggested a product that I was not familiar of. That's when I realized how many of my cousins, on my dad's side, had pimples or skin related problem. So they were genetics and somewhat my fault, that I had acne as well. After getting a facial, they ordered me a bulk of this product that they were talking about. It's called Jiaoli. Fortunately, after the facial, I had no active pimples and then the Jiaoli was applied day and night. It simply worked. It brightened my skin, I had less pimples and my acne was under control. It was simply amazing that I had gone to high school cleared up. I got to enjoy high school, joined musicals, performing arts, also did well academically, and life was great. After high school, I decided to stop for a year and not go to University to really think about what I wanted to do in the future. Careless and full of freedom, I overlooked the stock of Jiaoli that I had. Once I ran out, my skin went stiff. I then looked into using other things. Hence, the unfortunate beginning of my battle once again .. began. (The second blog entry will start the information about the products that ruined my skin even more ...)