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Week 8: Retin A

Wow..so I've missed a few weeks of blogging. Four weeks to be exact, and that's quite a bit. I hate that I've missed that much because I can't really remember the changes that took place during that time. I can, however, tell you how my skin is doing on week 8; exactly two months of Retin-a! So, this week I am home for Spring Break. I came in late on a Friday night, so I didn't really see my family when I got in. The next morning, the first thing my mom commented on was my skin. She tol

Week 4: Retin-A

Okay, It has definitely been a weird week.. It started off not so good with a major breakout (at least I would call it that). I never actually get regular pimples; I usually only have whiteheads and blackheads. However, this week I broke out with these huge pimples in random places. It all started on Sunday with one big one on my chin. Within a couple of days, that turned into two big one's on my chin, one on my left cheek, one on my right cheek....two along my jawline, and one under my c

Retin-a Week 3

I almost forgot to update! I've been really busy teaching a classroom of first graders, so things have been slipping my mind lately. So, It's week three, and I'm liking what I'm seeing! My forehead is Sooooo much better. It's so much smoother. Actually, my whole face is a ton smoother. I think I had forgotten what really clear skin felt like (It's been that long). I keep wanting to touch my face, but that's not good!! My nose, my cheeks, my forehead, it's all so smooth! It feels lik

Retin-a Week 2

Well, I said that I would update every week on my Retin-a Experience. I'm really going to try, but things are about to get really crazy with my classes. Anyway, Week two....last week I said I was having absolutely no flaking or dryness. That has changed! By about Tuesday this week, I started noticing some peeling and flaking. Most of it's on my forehead and nose. It's not that noticeable yet. Last night I went to the Clinique counter to buy makeup (I love their makeup!). I could tell t




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Week 1: Retin-A 0.025

Hello Everyone! I'm new to this, but very excited to become part of the acne.org community. I want to share my acne experiences; I feel like it could be a good way to cope, so I believe I'll do a weekly update. If I help someone else in the process, then that's wonderful! So, last week was my first visit ever to the dermatologist (I'm 23 by the way). It was definitely an interesting experience. He's the only derm in the area, and I must say a bit of a jerk. He seriously spent less than




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